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Hair transplantation is an art. Hair transplant results are state of the art. Make yourself familiar with the methods offered at Pure Line Clinic ®.

Lucas A. - 01
Lucas A. - 02

Lucas A.

Sapphire FUE - 1787 Grafts

My personal experience with Pure Line Clinic was absolutely fantastic from start-to-finish. Communication was excellent with medical consultant, and the facility was truly state of the art from a medical perspective. I traveled to Istanbul from the U.S.A for this procedure, and the results for my FUE hair transplant far exceeded my expectations.
Mark C. - 01
Mark C. - 02

Mark C.

Sapphire FUE - 3203 Grafts

I searched for a reliable hair transplant clinic for about 6 months. Finally, I chose Pure Line Clinic because of its professionalism and high service quality. It has been about 13 months and I am very pleased with my result. I sent 2 more friends after me, they are very satisfied with the results, even though it has been 5 months since the operation. I strongly recommend it to everyone.
Hamid K. - 01
Hamid K. - 02

Hamid K.

Sapphire FUE - 3652 Grafts

A very professional medical team , a true experts of hair transplantation. Thanks to their experience and a cutting edge equipment, they will fulfill your expectations granting results and taking care of you from the very beginning, with promptness and kindness.Thank you for everything.
Antoine S. - 01
Antoine S. - 02

Antoine S.

DHI - 2800 Grafts

Last year I had an unshaven hair transplant at Pure Line Clinic and they made me feel how professional they are at every step.I have never been in Turkey before I went for hair transplant.I have never been in Turkey before I went for hair transplant. They helped me too much about everything and they make me feel very good. I am very satisfied with all the services and my result, I recommend it to everyone.
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